Efergy CT sensor MINI - 70AS


$ 14.95 


EF010 additional sensor for measuring current up to 120 amperes. Works with the Elite, Engage Hub Kit or E2. Perfect for whole house applications where a 120ampere service is installed.  An additional sensor is be required if measuring 3 phase power. The extra large sensor (140AS) should be purchased for use on cables that are over 12mm in diameter, and up to 19mm in diameter.

How it works

All transmitters come with three spaces for sensors. Just look on the underside of the transmitter, take out the rubber cover of one of the spare spaces and plug in your additional sensor. Then attach it the same way as the previous one.

If you are purchasing a sensor for a monitor that you already own, PLEASE check the connection type between the sensor and transmitter before ordering, PLEASE DO NOT MIX CT SENSORS 

If you are purchasing extra sensors for a new monitor that you are purchasing, please order the additional sensors on our website.

  • Model: MIN-SR
  • Dimensions: 31x57x21mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Internal diameter: Max. 12mm
  • Nominal: 90A Max. 120A
  • Voltage Range: 110V-300V CAT II 600V