Efergy Shower timer with audible and visual alarm


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Efergy Showertime Showertimer with Alarm


The Shower timer unit allows you to monitor the amount time and water you use each time you take a shower. A visual display and audio alerts allow you to your usage and train you to shorter showers. 

Comes complete with a suction cup, lanyard and calibration bag.


  • Easy to calibrate and program
  • Simple to use
  • Visual display shows your current water usage
  • Alarm will sound when have used your target amount of water
  • Easy to install with the supplied lanyard or suction cap
  • Water resistant

Showertimer works by gauging the average output of water from your shower and programming it to a timer with an audio alert. By filling the bag provided from your shower head you can calibrate the unit. When this is done you can set your own target (we recommend 9 gallons or 4 1/2 minutes) Once the unit is set, it's ready to use! Each time you have a shower simply press the button, the Showertimer will now give you a visual display of your usage and give you an audible alert when the target use is reached.

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