Black Decker EM100B Power Monitor

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 Simple Installation: No Wiring Required Getting started is as easy as mounting the sensor to your outdoor electric meter, aligning it, and synchronizing the sensor with the cordless monitor. Once this is done, you can track real-time usage from a convenient, indoor location. The results are immediately available and can help you to make smart energy-consumption choices. You'll quickly discover that doing the little things really does add up to big savings.

The monitor's easy-to-read digital display shows your current energy usage in dollars, so you don't have to perform tricky calculations to understand what the readings mean. It also shows you the outdoor temperature, so you can account for heat used on cold mornings, and it displays your month-to-date usage along with an estimate for your upcoming bill. This advanced feature can work with any type of billing rate, including flat rate billing, separate peak and off-peak rates, or tiered billing structures.

Track Little Changes that Become Big Savings A convenient appliance mode feature allows you to track minute-to-minute changes in electric consumption as major appliances are turned on and off, so you can see where your money is going. This makes it easy for you to decide, for instance, which electrical appliances and accessories are really worth their cost, and which of your older appliances are costing you more money than they're worth. You can also quickly tell how much you save by switching to compact florescent light bulbs or instituting other conservation measures in your home.

Once you have the Energy Saver Series Power Monitor set up, you'll be surprised how quickly the everyday choices you make in your electrical consumption add up. In fact, lifestyle changes based on the information your family gets from this monitor can save you up to 20 percent a month on your electric bills.

Enjoy Durability and Widespread Compatibility The weatherproof sensor at the heart of this system is designed to handle tough winters, humid summers, and everything in between, so you can rely on it for year-round accurate performance.

This power monitor is designed to work with 90 percent of current electricity meters, including those with visible rotating wheels, those with single optical ports, and some models with dual optical ports.

What's in the Box Cordless monitor station, weatherproof sensor, one shim, and one alignment guide.

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