HydroClean HC660 water saving toilet fill valve


$ 18.99 


The award-winning HydroClean toilet fill valve solves the two biggest reasons for water loss in toilets - miscalibration and leaks. Ordinary fill valves send water to the bowl throughout the entire tank-filling cycle even after the bowl is full. The additional water added to the bowl while the tank continues to fill then does down the drain. If you see ripples in the bowl once the water line is reached then you are overfilling the toilet. The HydroClean can be calibrated to adjust the exact amount of water needed. It also detects leaks and signals when a leak it found. Proven in independent studies to reduce water usage by 36%, the feature-rich HydroClean cleans the tank, fits all standard toilets and installs easily without tools.

  • Saves Water
  • Saves Money
  • Detects Leaks
  • Installs Easily Without Tools
  • Cleans the Tank


Proven Results

Installation of the HydroClean reduced water usage by 36% in a study coducted at an apartement complex by Veritec Consulting, Developers of the de facto toilet performance standards for the USEPA's WaterSense program.

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