HydroForce HFL190 premium Adjustable Flapper


$ 12.95 


Engineered to fit more toilets than any other brand, the Hydroforce HFL190 adjustable flapper easily adjusts to optimize the toilet for full flush efficiency-saving significant amounts of water.

This adjustability takes the guesswork out of choosing the proper flapper - improper flapper replacement can waste as much as 4-2/5-Gallon of water per flush even in high efficiency 1-3/5-Gallon toilets.

Invented by a fourth generation plumber, the Hydroforce HFL190 is engineered for long life and to withstand extreme water conditions. 

Made of premium materials, it is chemically optimized to fight chlorine and other harsh water additives. The stainless steel chain and hook will not rust or break and it comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty

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