Instant-Off 2.75" unbreakable plastic HOME-ECO


$ 12.95 


The INSTANT-OFF Water Saver replaces the aerator on any faucet and automatically shuts-off the water when it's not needed. INSTANT-OFF is the most effective water conservation device available because it immediately eliminates wasted water.

Home Series ECO

ROD: 2.75" unbreakable plastic FLOW: On-Off & Continuous USE: Bathrooms, Kitchens, RV's

Recommended For: Short faucets, small or shallow sinks, including bathrooms, kitchens, RV's

Our residential water-saving device has a chrome-plated brass housing and valve, with an unbreakable 2.75" unbreakable white delrin rod to activate the water.

On-Off: Push Rod For Water – Release Water Stops. Continuous Water Flow: Push bottom tip of rod up straight up & twist a quarter turn. Twist rod again water stops. It allows the user to keep the water on even when their hands are not in the water.

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