Kill A Watt Power Monitor P4400


$ 29.99 


The Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor P3 P4400 allows you to measure electricity consumption and costs by each device in the home. To use, plug the energy monitor into a grounded 3-prong wall outlet, and plug the device you want to measure consumption for into the monitor (computer, lamp, dehumidifier, refrigerator, etc.). The large LCD display screen allows you to track the kilowatt hour usage of any device that is plugged into the monitor as well as what it costs to operate it. The electricity monitor provides electricity information and costs by the day, week, or month. Also included is the option to view wattage (watt), power factor (VA), voltage (volt), line frequency (Hz), and amperage (amp).


  • Large LCD display
  • Cumulative Killowatt-Hour Monitor
  • Forecast Your Costs
  • Also display Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, VA
  • 0.2% Accuracy

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