WaterQuick Pro II - hot water recirculating pump Home Conversion Kit

Faster Hot Water

$ 349.00 


The WaterQuick Pro II is the first true on-demand hot water circulating pump for existing homes that delivers hot water in 30 seconds or less. No wasting water down the drain. Saves water, sewer costs and energy. 

3 year manufacturer warranty FREE SHIPPING


 waterquick flow monitor

An ultra-quiet high speed hot water circulation pump is installed on the hot water outlet of either a tank or tankless water heater.  A Bridge Valve connects the hot and cold water supply lines under the most remote kitchen or bath fixture in the house.

Unless a hot water faucet is in use the Water Monitor will turn off the pump because hot water is everywhere you need it!

  • Easy one hour Installation
  • Recommended for tank water heaters
  • Installs out of the way near the water heater
  • One pump for the entire home
  • Any hot water faucet activates the pump


The demand for hot water from any faucet or appliance will activate the recirculating pump therefore no remotes, motion sensors or timers are required. A single pump can be used with multiple Bridge valves where there are more than one dead-end plumbing lines.



The hot water circulating system is virtually maintenance free and constructed of high quality stainless steel and low lead brass .  

3 year manufacturer warranty FREE SHIPPING

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