INSTANT-OFF Costs 90% Less Than Infrared Faucets or Foot Pedals

No Batteries - No Electricity - Fast Installation 

2 Year Warranty - INSTANT-OFF is Durable and Reliable 

Saves $150 a Year on most Hand-Wash Sinks    

Saves 12 x  its cost during 2 year warranty period

INSTANT-OFF is also the fastest, least expensive way to stop a drippy faucet! There's no need to call a plumber or change stems or cartridges to stop a drippy faucet. Just unscrew the aerator and screw in the INSTANT-OFF and  the drip is immediately stopped.
INSTANT-OFF Home Series is perfect for anyone who wants to conserve water and reduce their water bill. INSTANT-OFF is an Aid to Daily Living for anyone with a hand disability that makes it difficult to turn faucet handles.