Efergy E-Max Kit EMAX-CT-US 7.9" Color Energy Monitor No Wi-Fi required. Data download direct from the monitor


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NEW Efergy Elite-Max Kit

In the box: 1 x E-Max display / 1 x Transmitter/ 2 x XL sensors

7.9″ Stylish Color Energy Display

The E-Max is the largest energy monitoring display on the market. Now is easier to keep an eye on your energy use at home than ever with a big 7.9″ display, faster performance, battery for room-to-room portability and USB-2.0 port to download your energy consumption data. 

Main Features

  • 7.9″ high quality colour display with touch buttons
  • See your current energy use with speedometer
  • Historic data view on
  1. a) Today/yesterday
  2. b) This/last week
  3. c) This /last month
  • Intuitive real-time Always & Peak Usage indicating
  • Monthly budget tracking and cost showed in graphic
  • 100% private data ownership and data download of
  1. a) Hourly data
  2. b) Daily data
  3. c) Monthly data
  • Variety alerts of
  1. a) Peak or Off-Peak time
  2. b) High usage
  3. c) Battery life of transmitter
  4. d) Wireless strength indicating
  • Flexible settings on
  1. a) Up to 4 tariffs
  2. b) Monthly budget
  3. c) Backlight always on or timed to specified period
  4. d) Multi Currency Options

Color-Coded Instant Energy Readings

See how much electricity you are using at any given time. The E-Max uses intelligent graphics – like a speedometer to show current energy use and a budget bar to help you keep track of costs.

The energy now speedometer changes colour from green (low), to yellow (medium usage), to red (high usage).



Effectively Track your Usage and Stick to a Budget

Set a target consumption for the month and track of your energy use against your budget. See and compare the amount of energy consumed today/yesterday, this/last week, this/last month in cost, kWh and kgCO2. You can also see this month always on and peak usage value.

See This Month Always On and Peak Usage

You can use the E-Max to figure out how much standby power your home is using per month. The display also shows the monthly peak usage value.

Decide where you can reduce. Now that you know your home Always On and Peak Usage.

Use a USB Flash Drive to Download your Energy Data

Insert the USB flash drive/memory stick into the USB port on your E-Max to download your energy consumption data in .csv format with latest 31 days, 12 months (hourly) and 24 months.



1 x E-Max display / 1 x Transmitter/ 2 x XL sensors

  • battery is not included

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