Waterpebble shower timer. The 4 minute shower trainer.


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The waterpebble is an eco friendly water activated shower timer that helps train you to reduce your time in the shower. 

Showering accounts for 17% of the water that Americans use inside their homes, or 1.2  trillion gallons of water used in the United States each year.

By following the easy to understand patented Traffic Light system an average family of four could save up to $300 per year on water and energy costs. Including 12,700 gallons of water.

  • Place the waterpebble by the drain, it senses the water flowing around it, so no need to switch it on or off !                 
  • Each time you shower, Waterpebble Interactive lights up to indicate:       

Green - start showering

Yellow - you're halfway through

Red- After 4 minutes - end of shower?waterpebble waterpebble


A series of soft flashing lights indicate how much time you are spending compared to the benchmark, when it flashes red your time is up.  "it's like a disco in the shower :)"

Encouraging you to save water, energy and money.  The clever software inside the waterpebble means that the replaceable battery inside will last 1 year.


  • Estimated lifetime savings 90'000 gallons of water
  • Save the energy to Heat - Move - & Clean the used water
  • 100 % US & UK designed and manufactured
  • Uses a patented traffic light system
  • WPi subliminally re-trains you to take shorter showers.

Waterpebble helps to change peoples water consumption habits gradually.

WaterPebble is now in its third generation and uses capacative technology, giving outstanding power management and reliability.

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